Hi I'm Isaac

This is where I tell you things that you pretend are important and help justify my abilities.

You could ask what I went to school for, I would then say "broadcasting" I dipped my foot in it immediately after college and the amount of time invested compared to the checks I was getting made it difficult to continue what was a passion that turned into an unpleasant job. 

I've worn many hats since the days of radio, I've been a private investigator and traveled across the U.S. investigating insurance fraud. I've also been a customer service representative for the same print company I order all products from. I've even worked a summer in the local garden center.

Currently when I'm not shooting, I'm actually still shooting, I photograph the used car inventory for the local Hyundai dealership. The camera never really leaves my hand.

Insert a paragraph listing my recognition and achievements that you may or may not understand, I could invest hours into this and display my whimsical and spontaneous attitude but I would rather be creating timeless imagery. So if there is more you would like to know, please don't hesitate to ask!