So Betty my trusty NEX-VG20 will officially become a B-Cam for events and weddings this week. In a little over 5 hours Sony will officially unveil the camera I have been following for months. The A7 & A7r, the only difference between these two compact yet powerful cameras is the sensor. I dont need the 36 megapixel A7r which lacks the Anti Alias filter as it is more appropriate for photographers who are in controlled lighting and studio situations. The A7 will carry a high frame rate for still photography and still a new stunning 24 megapixel sensor. These are the first mirrorless full frame cameras from Sony and I am eager to be the proud owner of one. Improved video is also stated to be included with the cameras so it will definitely shine as it offers full frame video which will be stunning for both photography and videography.  I am eager to let the beast shine during my December weddings and a weekend trip to Chicago with the girlfriend.