I've got mail!

So the past week multiple packages have arrived with my name on them as I prepare for the winter season and the arrival of the new camera! Yesterday I received the adapter to use the Canon FD lenses on the Sony E-Mount. It was definitely like breathing new life into lenses that most people overlook these days as they do not offer auto focus and are considered by many as worthless. So instantly I threw on the 50mm F/1.8 and walked outside and was impressed not only by its silky bokeh but ability to render colors. 

I also had some time to test the Gary Fong diffuser when attached to my Sony HVLF42AM . My sister Corrina was in the kitchen cooking some delightful vegan snacks and I snapped a few to see how the diffuser worked.  To be honest I was very impressed, the light is more evenly distributed and harsh shadows are no longer an issue. The end result is time saved in post editing! 


Canon FD 50mm F/1.8 Test

Gary Fong diffuser test

I went on to try the Vivitar 70-200 Macro lens as well as the 100-300 Canon FD F/5.6 and was quite impressed with both. The 100-300 is like a damn sniper rifle that is longer then the body of the VG20 itself however it was a breeze to critical focus with the lens and sat nicely on the tripod as well. I look forward to the results these lenses will bring me as well as compliment the A7 upon its' arrival.