So long sketch block!

   So from this day forward I am no longer going to use a watermark which many of you have become familiar with! Sketch Block was my stamp of being unique and branding my images to say that they were mine! I've felt that over the past few months that a watermark is more distracting when placed upon an image than helpful! Sure someone may utilize my image if it doesn't carry a watermark but I feel those who have common sense will credit me for my work. I don't seek instant gratification, if I never make a penny off of an image I wont lose sleep over it. When I look through the viewfinder I don't see a watermark so why when editing an image is a watermark even necessary? It is not! I will simply strive to a point where people recognize my work and know instantly where it came from.

   This decision will make my entire process easier, no longer will I have to create a second folder with  unmarked images, it will save hard drive space (As if I 20 TB of hard drive will ever be filled in the first place). Legitimate companies don't steal images in the first place, they take the necessary time to locate the photographer and credit them for their efforts. I've stood countless hours losing sleep in the same position waiting for a specific shot. If someone wants to write the necessary check that I deserve then I feel when the time is right they will do so!

   Does this make me an asshole and am better than everyone else? Absolutely not, I just feel that the handful of images most likely to be reproduced will undergo an image search bimonthly to maintain they are not being used elsewhere without my consent. In the end people will not be distracted by such an absurd and unique font and will be allowed to appreciate my images in their original form. I don't brand my video with a watermark during a wedding preview so for me to use something that distracts from my images is just wrong. 

    Most people wont notice but to me the end product will be something more divine and natural! 

Fall Leaves after Rain (Vivitar 70-200 F4.5)