St Louis Take 2

Back to work after having 5 days off, I almost forgot how to do my job. Not really it all comes back to me the second my alarm goes off. I found myself driving through Saint Louis on Saturday and decided why not stop and capture another skyline image. It was in August I received an honorable mention award at the State Fair for my HDR image of the skyline. With that in mind I figured it wouldn't be too difficult, well to my surprise I had to wait a half hour for a train to move so that I could approach my perch and snap away. 

 Upon the train leaving I pulled up and set up shop. Where is my remote for the VG20? Of course in Iowa where it shouldn't be! So I used the trusty self timer and snapped away. Making slight alterations at each exposure value stop. If I could change anything it would be to have had my $200 tripod with me, because sure the Manfrotto I am carrying is light and nimble but it manages to catch every infinitesimal thrust of wind.   

 I'll be back in St. Louis and next time with the new A7  and able to capture the skyline in its' full frame glory. Regardless I am pleased with the image as it not only shows the skyline in its' nightlife state but it also shares the bright lights that were shining upon Busch Stadium as the Cardinals played game 3 of the world series. A timeless moment in any case!

Stay tuned for new photos, I've got a maternity shoot this week as well as a few other collaborations during my time back in Iowa!  




St. Louis Skyline 10.26.2013