Happy Thanksgiving!

It's 2 am but nonetheless I am up and cranking away on multiple things including wedding videos and a Black Friday Boudoir promotion that I have had up my sleeve for a while. 

50mm FD from 1983

Tested the video capabilities of the A7 and there was no surprise that it kicked ass, it did heat a little bit after doing an hour of video but that is nothing that it will face on a wedding day unless it's a Catholic wedding but the VG20 would become my A camera in that scenario. I'll run it for 8 hours straight and see how it does because I would hate to fry something on a wedding day. In the end I dont see it being problematic as the camera is so small and dissipates heat flawlessly.

Kicked it into continuous mode with a class 10 card and the 24mp raw images didn't even make it stutter which will be great for action photography and the auto focus implementation and focus points just put the cherry on top!

Put up the coveted Disney themed Christmas tree, putting Buzz Lightyear on the tree made me smile. Genie and baby Tarzan ended up in other locations but Disney is forever a part of the family. Filmed a timelapse and compressed the video into 13 seconds which you can find on instagram. http://instagram.com/p/hPazi4QZSK/

Tomorrow I will fall into a turkey and pie induced coma with the A7 in my hands and I'll test out the newly cleaned Canon FD lenses and cover my taste buds in greatness. 

For Black Friday you can expect a Boudoir Special at the exquisite Hotel Fort Des Moines with a to be determined date. Couples will be welcomed and the A7 will by then have the flash adapter so I can use all my flashes again.

December weddings are almost here and I'm ecstatic to capture memories in stunning clarity and get prints ordered. I have so many ideas and unique poses stacked that I've just been waiting to check off the list!


-Happy Thanksgiving to all!