The door of opportunity has opened

If we're friends on the social networking sites then you are probably familiar with what all has taken place in the past 24 hours. Then again I didn't really break the surface on what all went down but what it boils down to is that I am no longer a private investigator. It was a great 9 months of work and I made some serious cash but with every positive a negative manage to rest in the shadows. 

I was working 50-70 hours a week sometimes with 30 hours being spent driving on the desolate roads in the middle of nowhere to arrive at a hotel late at night only to get a few hours of sleep before having to wake up and repeat everything again. The job allowed me some phenomenal opportunities to travel and see places I otherwise would never venture to but it also prevented me from seeing those who mean the most to me. Family is everything as they are the support system of life and since January I've spent maybe 30 days at my home. I've driven 52,000 miles in a company van that just wasn't the place for me! I went to school for Electronic Media and communications for me to continue being cooped up in a van just didn't boil down to being ideal.

At times I felt it was the greatest job in the world and that I would do it forever however how can I manage to still remain close to family and friends when my social life was borderline infinitesimal. I'd make plans and they would inevitably fall through as I would end up being scheduled to work out of nowhere. I never knew where I would be the next week and it was impacting my health. Eating like shit on the road constantly, not many places are on the healthy side at 5 in the morning. I gained weight from being sedentary as I preyed on the slime balls of society who preyed on receiving their checks monthly that they were undeserving of.  

Do I regret doing it? Not at all, I knew going in it would be intensive but never did I think at one point I would work for 2 months straight and have no days off. I could sit and argue labor laws and proceed to court but I don't have time for such efforts. I'm a free soul that was finally granted the door of opportunity. I've got a new camera on the way weddings on weddings piled up and will just continue furnishing my craft. Things always work out in the end and if anything it is merely the waiting game of life. I honestly feel happier already as I am not merely a number being sent all over the Midwest but once again an individual who is appreciated and further able to impact people. The website will finally get the attention it deserves, wedding videos will finally see full completion and I wont have to worry daily about plans falling through. In a sense this is the new me!