Greeting 2014 with open arms and a boudoir bash

December Bride Haylee Mercer (Canon FD 50mm 1.8)

December Bride Haylee Mercer (Canon FD 50mm 1.8)

A new year and I already feel as if I am doing great! Since the last rant I have conquered a few weddings, covered some events, and added another lens to the line up! Things are slowly evolving including myself


I have recently jumped ship to DxO optics and have been blown away with the quality when compared to the Adobe Suite options and handling of RAW images.  

After rocking the Canon FD for the first December wedding it was clear Legacy glass is great at certain things. I love manual focus when assisted with Sony's Peaking setting however I needed something as fast as the aperture so on Christmas Eve I hit up the fine folks at and ordered the SEL50. It was a no brainer and the results were as expected. Sure the SEL50 is an APSC lens yet the A7 still gives it 10 megapixel images and I still manage to switch it to Full Frame when necessary and crop out the vignette. 

I'm eager to film the next wedding with the A7 and VG20 as a B- Cam as I received a Rode microphone for Christmas and from early tests  the results are just what I was hoping for allowing the audio to be more crisp and precise than the mounted microphone on the VG20. 


A few big things are in the works as I've said before and a majority of the events I can't speak on yet but I look forward to seeing them culminate and actually help build a larger platform for myself and those around me. I'm entering more contests in 2014 and collaborating with quite a few people.

I started the year off in Minneapolis with the girlfriend and her family. Minnesota is a wonderful state when it isn't welcoming you with a 60 degree below windchill. I reference the state not because my girlfriend lives there but because the future of my profession and evolution seems to rely on the larger city with greater opportunities. Sure I will find myself coming back to Des Moines for the occasional wedding but the market is just too small and saturated. I can't work a wedding for $200 when I'm on my feet for 15 hours and heavily invested in equipment and software. I'll remain in Iowa for the time being but just the subtle heads up that Minnesota is on the agenda and it doesn't mean the world will end! 


Shameless plug for the bash as I have a few spots left open on January 25th with the lovely Brianne Cummins styling hair and Allissa Davis doing make up! I've had the pleasure to work with both of them before and am beyond excited to collaborate once again! Complimentary Champagne and Cupcakes will accommodate the enjoyable afternoon and evening! Just in time for Valentines Day! If you're interested let me know!