2000 photos a few opportunities on the path we call life


Today marked my 2000th upload to the ever addicting portal of Instagram. On April 3rd, 2012 Instagram made it's way to the Android platform, I instantly downloaded the program and started sharing my visions. Whether people enjoyed them or not it allowed me a peaceful place to upload 640x640 images. I've networked with quite a few people who share the same interests or utilize the same cameras and lenses that I own. As well as individuals overseas who are just talented and refreshing when I'm in need to view some photographs. Of course like anybody I follow my dear friends and other people who are hyper local. I think it's more than just documenting and sharing, Instagram allows you to collaborate and express yourself in a way facebook sometimes can't. Sure there are the annoying hashtags but they aren't annoying when utilized correctly. I can type #SKYPORN and see if the upcoming sunset is going to be worth heading out and taking photographs of. I can find history that although just happened is immediately imprinted upon millions. In the 2,000 photos posted I've received 8,256 likes, and 623 comments. Interacted with countless people, discovered techniques, ideas and concepts that without the application may have never even entered my mind. So for everything so far that has come to be because of the wonderful powerhouse I'm thankful! Never hurts to throw in a shameless plug so if you have something you want to share or are looking for a new face to follow hit me up @DJCFOOT.


Tomorrow I have a big interview downtown for what is likely to become my next job, finally something closely associated to what I studied and am truly passionate about. It will help occupy the excessive amounts of free time I find myself experiencing plus allow me to further develop my current skills! 


Yesterday I locked in a wedding that will occur in Minnesota, it's a pinnacle moment for me in the sense that I'm not locked to simply Iowa or the Des Moines Metro area. I am working to define the craft and everyday developing my style so that in 10 years it is recognized as a fixture. Not for me but for the countless couples who granted me the opportunity to capture their special day. Weddings are in no sense cheap but I'm operating in a manner that couples will finally see they are receiving what they deserve. Sure a few new lenses will their way in the arsenal inside my camera bag but it's about pleasing the masses by capturing what history has allowed to happen. To put the icing on the growing cake I booked my first wedding for 2016. Which at first I was skeptical about, not knowing if I would be still in Des Moines, or already relocated to the Twin Cities. Plus I pondered the idea of a couple potentially calling it off and then losing the date to other interested couples in the months leading up to the request. I stepped back and simply thought whatever happens is for a reason and I'm willing to continue the journey regardless. 


Keep breathing