Screw cocaine, Centrum Silver is on my brain

Growing up I always got pissed when Centrum Silver ads ran during my morning cartoons, as if only individuals 50 years and older were the only ones allowed to take the vitamin. Well as of now I am 25 so I feel as if I'm entitled to half a vitamin, I'll gladly turn it down in the event that someone offers me one as I would hate to have the fond memories of Flintstone vitamins tainted. 25 years of life is actually surreal, I feel like just yesterday I was impatiently waiting for Y2K to screw up society, and enjoying the monthly commercials of new versions for America Online. 

Where have I evolved over the years? In every facet manageable I've learned quite a bit along the way without a doubt. I earned stitches from a pillow fight and still enjoy Life cereal with my milk on the days I actually wake up before 10 am. With a new year of life I am pleased to announce a new chapter as well! Once again I am finally employed once again and have accepted a position with Gannett, as an Image Specialist. It's a job that shares my passion and I don't have to travel to slums working for a shady company, plus they actually have benefits! Can't knock down benefits! 

I've got a wedding coming up and baby piglets to photograph this week so it will be a pleasant week moving forward. Hopefully once I finish paying off the A7 and murdering the never ending student loans I can look at picking up the Zeiss 55mm which has been touted as the highest image quality producing auto-focus lens ever tested by DxO. As always the state fair photography salon is cooking in the back of my mind as I anticipate what shots to enter. I'm taking a trip back to Minneapolis in 10 days to see the girlfriend for a late valentine's day/ birthday date weekend. I'll convince her to take me to Minnehaha Falls and hopefully capture a stunning image of the 54 foot water fall in its' winter form with heavy contrast to consider for submission. 

After several inquiries from people I'm going to offer classes in regards to cameras and the editing suite of Photoshop this spring and summer so if you're interested feel free to contact me. Sometimes devices have a tendency to intimidate us and the more you understand your camera or the capabilities of photoshop and the learning curves the happier you will find yourself! 

Lastly I've returned to heavy video animation and production  with weddings being in the slow season and lately I've been on a time lapse spree. Head over to the instagram and check out the mini clips of sunsets and evening traffic. A few big ones are in the works and I look forward to capturing a few of tornadoes this spring! 


Off to bed

Don't put the cameras down!



"Biggie" SEL50 F/1.8 1/500 ISO50

"Biggie" SEL50 F/1.8 1/500 ISO50