4 hours on a Sunday (My Studio By)

So last week I took a tour of a great place located in downtown Des Moines, My Studio By. It's a facility that caters to photographers who may not necessarily have a place of their own and has props, furniture, lighting etc. which makes the set up and tear down process quite a bit quicker! It offers three studios and offers reasonable rates. I was fortunate enough to reserve during a special so I spent 5 hours in the amazing facility and photographed a few faces. My reason behind the spur of the moment shoot is that once my job starts my time with the camera will be limited as i'll be consumed by work and some of my vacation days will be burned up so that I may continue to do weddings. I'm beyond excited to work again as you all know! March 10th is almost here! Back to the studio shoot, so for 4 hours I rocked natural light as I forgot my HVL43 flash for the A7, I had also planned on a behind the scenes video as well but the VG20 was left at home right next to the phone charger that I forgot to pack. All lessons to me, definitely not new as I have a tendency to forget things once in a while, not too often but just enough to keep my ability to forget things relevant. I'll upload a few more on occasion and hopefully orchestrate another shoot maybe during a weekend in between training before I officially start my job! 


Stay warm as we enter another polar vortex!


Airbrush Beauty.jpg
Couch Mofucka.jpg
Topless Tease.jpg