A new woman has come into my life named Dorothy, she is bigger than my typical preference, she has rough skin and bullet proof glass. Dorothy isn't a divine female but rather a tornado chasing vehicle that I will be trusting with my life this spring as the tornado season starts. I've put in countless hours over the past week getting to know Dorothy and everything that she is capable of. I've spent late nights helping fabricate and get Dorothy ready for everything she will be doing this year. She is similar to a tank with a dash of Ford. I've slacked on my media as a result of the labor and time but the results that Dorothy will allow are far more important than the immediate tasks. I will have the ability to finally chase tornadoes and capture both film and images of one of earths most marvelous creations while simultaneously experience the after math and devastation that something so beautiful can cause. I arrived late to the project as the two true masterminds have been meticulously working on Dorothy for close to two years. Starting originally as a work van the V10 under  the hood, Dorothy is going to see new life. Brennan Jontz and Daniel Auel have poured hours into preparing the vehicle for what is around the corner from constant welding to maintenance so that everything is smooth sailing. It had been years since I last held  an angle grinder and my first night in the shop I was grinding away at the excess around the frame so that the vehicle was good to go for a special  coating. There is a lock down on what can be posted of Dorothy but rest assured these two fine gentlemen mean business. They are both younger than me but Dorothy alone displays the true drive and passion  they both have! I'm eager to continue working with them and for what is in store this summer. My job wont be as convenient for chasing however I'm sure I will get a few under my belt. I look forward to meeting more individuals associated with the Iowa Storm Chasing Network and other enthusiasts. This year will be quite the wild ride so stay tuned for updates!