17206 - New Job - Dorothy


A month since my last post? Damn i've been busy and with good reasons I assure you! I kicked off the month of March with a late birthday gift to myself and went to visit the girlfriend (Marlyssa) up north and it seems every time I enter Minnesota a polar vortex is necessary! When we weren't hibernating in the frigid temperatures we did venture out and explored and enjoyed the local cuisine. It's a blessing to find someone who cares and appreciates you for who you are despite the flaws that the rest of society may observe. We spent one afternoon in St. Paul exploring and grabbing a few images despite having a dirty sensor full of dust and random foreign objects! I didn't want to leave but I had to prepare for training at my new job. She's doing well with Grad School and is wrapping up her first semester where she will then have a short break and go right back into more classes while balancing work. She is the super woman in my life and truly a vice of love. I may not of had the opportunity to observe the Northern Lights which made a faint appearance the first night I was visiting however they arrived before the sun had set and by the time the sun had escaped the horizon they were too faint to be observed against the light pollution of the twin cities. In the end I got to spend time with the girlfriend and that is all that really matters when it's boiled down!

New Job

I'm in my 3rd week at Gannett as an Image Specialist, where I tone images for print for various newspapers across the United States that are part of the Gannett entity. It's quite a learning experience, I've already made quite a few friends and now see a few on a more regular basis as they work at Gannett as well. It's already evident that the job is more suitable for me over my previous position as a private investigator. The money is consistent and there is no wondering if I will have enough to expense for gas and hotels. I work Wednesday through Sunday from 2:30pm - 11pm. Not a huge change in schedule but it allows me to tend to things during the day and catch up on my media and blogs after work before bed. It's a fun job that has some aspects of being a drone but the images you edit are unpredictable and sometimes quite intriguing. I'm without a doubt able to say that I enjoy the job and all that it entails. I will be able to shoot in the mornings so there really isn't too much conflict except for the models who refuse to collaborate in the bright morning sun. 


We finally unveiled Dorothy, the tornado chasing vehicle two weeks ago and the reception from the community has been overwhelming! Brennan and Dan can finally see their hard work pay off, I'm just hoping that I can see a tornado after I sacrificed a pair of jeans from a snare on Dorothy a few months back.  The guys have been very busy giving presentations about Dorothy and the overall goals and agendas for the upcoming tornado season. We don't intend to intercept a tornado but capture slow motion footage that can be used to pinpoint weak infrastructure and help for future construction to help combat the potential damage of tornados. The FS700 is ready to help assess such situations and it will be quite the summer. You can follow Team Dorothy and the Iowa Storm Chasing Network on multiple forms of social media so you can stay up to date with everything. The ability to see so many people intrigued by the massive beast that we call Dorothy is beyond instant gratification to see young minds so interested is just overwhelming. 

A7 Firmware

So i've been so busy I haven't been able to install the new firmware on the A7 which decreases start up time and increases image quality so once I have achieved that I'll deliver the details of what I have found. After reading several sources many say that it's remarkable! I'm just pleased to see Sony releasing firmware for their flagship cameras so soon after release! Wedding videos and more are just around the corner as well as details for the Camera & Photoshop classes this spring and summer! Stay Tuned!



Snow Kiss with Marlyssa at Minnehaha  Falls

Cathedral of St. Paul