Iowa State Fair Photography Salon Selections

Its 3am and I have finally wrapped up selecting my entries for the 2014 Iowa State Fair. Not only do I enjoy the assortment of food but I love overpriced food and photography! There aren't too many competitions locally for photography so i always get excited for when June finally rolls around and allows me the opportunity to spend a few dollars and get some prints mounted. It's not about the ribbon really, okay part of it may be about the ribbon or the potential for money. However I just enjoy having physical copies of what I feel are my most unique pieces of work. They may not be the best but as I sift through thousands of photos they are the ones that speak to me the most.


The first image has been stuck in my head since I assembled it in March, I kick myself in the head for not staying downtown and being present when the fire erupted but you never really know when a historic landmark will be engulfed in flames unless you're the one who started the fire. I have decided to title the image "losing a landmark" as it truly speaks about the devastation that Des Moines experienced when the historic Younkers building became engulfed in flames overnight. The dynamics in the image were really what compelled me as I framed the shot, I wanted to capture the billowing smoke as the firefighters attempted to maintain the smoldering building, while a firefighter gave a moment of his time for a brief interview in the foreground.

Losing a Landmark.jpg

The second image I captured during the "BROad Trip" with 3 fellow friends at the Omaha Zoo. It's a family of primates in a rather depressed state as they are held in captivity. Nobody wants to see animals in such a frame of mind but the image really holds a deeper meaning. As the mother nurtures her young and the father figure sits close by. The image is further enhanced by the harsh lights of the sun directly overhead. There is emotion in everything and this family of prisoners still managed to prove one thing and that one thing led to the title of this piece "family is forever"

Family is Forever.jpg

The final image was captured last month during a day of tornado chasing. The tractor was located in a field and appeared to have last seen life more than a decade ago. It was rustic and aged to perfection the stories it would tell if it could speak would be marvelous. I hunched down as if I were a lion in the Sahara and snapped a few images in the tall grass so that I could capture both the once majestic tractor with the fluffy clouds behind it. I decided to title this piece "rustic relic"

So those are my three entries into the 2014 Iowa State Fair and I will hopefully receive a card in July noting the preliminary results as to whether or not I have any of the 3 on display and the potential of winning another coveted ribbon! Stay tuned for the results and prepare for the onslaught of upcoming wedding materials! 


Until next time!