Home is where the heart is....

It is with great pleasure that I announce I have returned to Des Moines! Life is unpredictable but you can always count on your friends and family to show support when necessary. A lot has happened since I last wrote an entry. I picked up a GoPro and a variety of accessories in December and am eager to utilize them during the upcoming wedding season! I elected to go with the GoPro Black and paired it with a stabilizer allowing me to capture the smoothest results when the bride walks down the aisle as well as document the entire day from a different perspective with such a versatile unit.

In March I will be working on getting certified as a Professional Photographer, after reviewing the practice tests I question why I didn't get around to it earlier, the process isn't overnight by any means and there are image submissions and the whole nine yards but it will help me further advertise and demonstrate my capabilities in the profession I enjoy so much.  

I released an updated demo reel earlier this month and have enjoyed the insight from so many people in regards to it. I feel I consistently evolve in being multifaceted and willing to document any event. I will always love weddings but it's the other instantaneous events that truly put the icing on the metaphorical cake. 

I'm booking weddings for 2016 and dates are filling up so it's a positive feeling to know that my work is appreciated and desired. 2015 is a year full of growth and I look forward to documenting every step of the way! I have new products being released as well as a  few collaborations this spring. Starting  in April I will be releasing tutorials as planned and will have tier options for membership in regards to the pace individuals want to learn.

A few big announcements are on the way! So stay positive and seek nothing but success!