Change of Scenery and Occupation

If you're a loyal follower you are aware of my current location, but if you're just visiting then you probably are not familiar that in the last week I have transitioned from residing in Iowa to the lovely state north of the border in Minnesota. I have finally moved everything in as well as my editing gear, I'm still behind on changing the presets in my car but I am more than happy to announce that I have accepted a position with White House Custom Colour in Eagan, Minnesota.

I am currently training as a customer service representative for one of the top printing entities in the nation with clients worldwide. I have worn many hats in the past five years and participated in various industries but to finally be involved in something that completely involves my profession is a blessing. I will be helping the very people who appreciate and participate in the realm of photography! The opportunity has allowed me a channel to finally offer prints and products to customers which will increase my profits as well as enhance the overall experience for my loyal customers. In the past two days I have envisioned the path that I am headed down over the course of the next few years to truly culminate into what I have dreamed of over the last 5 years. The move to the twin cities also allows for a larger market for both videography and photography as well as the opportunity to reconnect with old friends who I haven't seen in years that are already heavily established in the region. I will still visit the Des Moines metro and my family as well as entertain clients in Iowa when necessary, Iowa will always hold a place in my heart and a Polaroid of Des Moines hangs over my desk and every time I glance away from my monitor is see the skyline that I will never fall out of love with.

Minnesota is also the home of my best friend so to get home from work and see her face everyday has been a blessing for the past week. Living three and a half hours away from an individual that holds your heart was difficult to do for a year and a half. So Marlyssa is just as happy as I am to finally see one another on a regular basis. She has so much to show me and I couldn't have asked for a cuter tour guide. I could go on for paragraphs about our personal lives however I will refrain. 

So you can expect to see a shop opening up soon on the site that will list the variety of options that I will be able to deliver to clients at an affordable rate with outstanding clarity. All products will be produced by White House Custom Colour and I will personally overlook each order and verify that it meets my standards before I ship it to the customer! I look forward to further developing the brand and increasing the audience one person at a time. 

Finally the incentive program is almost finalized for couples to utilize word of mouth to refer potential new clients. Once a deposit has been made by a new customer, the referrer will be credited which can be redeemed for products, sessions, or cash! 

Big things are coming! 

Off to take a brief nap before filming the second and final blood moon of 2014!

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