New Layout - 800 Likes - 3000 photos - Dog Vs Camera

Things continue to improve! I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. For the first time I am in a job where I feel I truly belong. I assist people everyday who are continually improving! I see hundreds of images a day and get a general idea of what everyone else is photographing it's pure bliss! If this is your first time visiting the site in a while then you've noticed I'm in the midst of a complete overhaul, the store is in it's early beginnings! I will be charged 3% on all transactions so that will be accounted for in prices, and I'm in the works on calculating shipping prices etc. Page for wedding clients will go live next week allowing them to access password protected pages linking them to more files available to download! I've granted the lovely Marlyssa Admin privleges and we finally cracked 800 likes on the Cfoot Productions page! It's a powerful feeling to know that 800 people appreciate what I envision and am passionate about. The twin cities feel more like home everyday and am looking forward to making an impact in the market with weddings being booked regularly! Today I booked another wedding at my favorite Iowa venue "Bessie's Barn" in April of 2015. 


I breached the 3,000 photos benchmark on Instagram and continue sharing everything from company products to pieces of my personal life it's a steady dash of both! The ability to network with other photographers and avid social media gurus is endless, if you're not on Instagram I highly recommend you make an account and send a follow my way @C.Foot


If we're friends on facebook or you follow me on twitter or Instagram then you are aware that over the weekend Rhone the obnoxious bulldog got a little fiesty while I was working on the website redesign and decided to see how edible the Sony A7 was.......

Luckily Rhone is still allowed to sleep in the comfort of a warm home as the camera is Insured with Mack Diamond protection so accidental damage and handling is covered, He decided to test the structural integrity of the LCD screen as well as the SD card cover....... needless to say he won. He spent the remainder of the weekend avoiding me but when you're so cute and furry how could anyone be mad at you! 

I leave for the Virgin Islands in just a little over a month and will have the camera back within two weeks so you can count on countless images of the clear water, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful landscapes. I will have several prints and canvas options available in the store of the images I capture so feel free to support me and my art and purchase one when they go live!

I have started tutoring in Photoshop again and it's going great! To see the results of my teaching being put into action is wonderful. Everyone deserves guidance when they display such passion. I wish I had the guidance and teaching when I first started but at the same time I'm thankful that I taught myself my own ways and created a style that was "me"

A Minneapolis Boudoir Bash is in the works for January once we get back from vacation, we are seeking talented hair and make up artists to help make the day a success in time for Valentine's Day gifts!

In the mean time I will be training Marlyssa to shoot video and handle the Sony cameras as well as familiarize herself once again with her Canon. She will be diving in head first into editing and hopefully help make things smoother and lead to faster turn around times. It helps having a second set of eyes when editing and she brings another perspective that I don't currently have. Sitting next to her editing is something I look forward to at night as she makes brilliant suggestions and it's another opportunity for us to bond! We will do a shoot together soon and you can count on several selfies as we bask in the Virgin Island sun.

We're headed up to northern Minnesota for Thanksgiving this weekend and headed south to Des Moines for Thanksgiving with my family Wednesday. Happy Holidays early from us! Stay warm, stay safe and look forward to the new material, new products and upcoming events!

There will be a Black Friday coupon available for purchase on Friday that will allow you huge savings on future purchases so be sure to take advantage of it as there will only be a limited supply available in the store!