Food and Swine

So 1200 people read my post yesterday which was absolutely overwhelming and I am so thankful to see such amazing numbers on the site already of course facebook and twitter deserve credit for directing traffic! 


Today I went to my cousin's home to photograph a variety of her baked goods. In the past few years she has received numerous awards for her baking and truly delivers a taste capable of pleasing every taste bud!


Her daughter was eager to assist me as I changed lenses and continued to photograph the pie and rolls that I was beyond tempted to just jam my finger in and walk away with! Ill upload photos later this week and for more about Cristen and her family head over to

(NSFW) Brisk Air Boudoir

So what may be the last official shoot for the VG20 went off without a hitch! The 16 megapixel power cannon that has provided me with so much pleasure the past two years exceeded my expectations. I utilized the Gary Fong diffuser and a few of the new Canon FD lenses as well but in the end it's the camera body that captured and stored what my eyes needed. 

So last night as I was about to pass out I get a snap chat from an awesome individual and she mentioned that she had done her make up like Amy Winehouse. I dont like to pass up an opportunity to photograph so immediately I inquired if she was available in the morning (Today, 10/23/2013). She informed me that we were good to go and that she wanted to get half naked outdoors. I informed her of the weather and she said that she didn't care! Well 2.5 hours of shooting and a few shivers delivered satisfying end results! The sun came out and provided some wonderful natural light and the flash picked up where the sun dropped off! A few outfits, some heels, and bright red lipstick thrown in to the mix resulted in some very stunning images! 

Canon FD 50mm F/1.8

Miss Kelsea was no stranger to her birthday suit so comfort was established at the start! Anytime intimates are the theme it helps to be comfortable, I guess her Pandora station contributed greatly as we heard hit after hit from Nirvana to classic Green Day. I think one perk that really stands out about working with Kelsea is that she had coffee prepared for when I arrived at her place! She even gave me it in a thermos! We crossed a variety of debris and arrived at the spot and set up shop. To help her from becoming a block of ice she would keep a robe on when we were not in the process of shooting. We did a variety of poses and touched a variety of shots as I changed lenses and contemplated every thing possible. She was beyond patient with my perfectionist approach and even went the extra mile multiple times! I look forward to working with her again, she just brings a vibe that can be truly appreciated at any hour of the day! 

Now it is time for a little treat for those of you who follow my blog, or for many years down the road when someone finds this post you will be able to appreciate the photo below. Due to the nipple being in the frame of the shot it would instantly get flagged on Facebook and most likely result in me losing my Instagram. However on my personal site with my portfolio and stories of my adventures this is the safe haven for my photography! It is not nudity and before someone points a finger yes we did attempt to shoot the image with a bra on, however it was more distracting as she arched her back the bra attempted to pop up and it was moving the focus away from her face. With the bra removed the nipple & ring are more subtle and not as distracting from her eyes as well as the seductive attire of the garter and leggings. 


SLR Magic 35mm F/1.7 (E-Mount)

So long sketch block!

   So from this day forward I am no longer going to use a watermark which many of you have become familiar with! Sketch Block was my stamp of being unique and branding my images to say that they were mine! I've felt that over the past few months that a watermark is more distracting when placed upon an image than helpful! Sure someone may utilize my image if it doesn't carry a watermark but I feel those who have common sense will credit me for my work. I don't seek instant gratification, if I never make a penny off of an image I wont lose sleep over it. When I look through the viewfinder I don't see a watermark so why when editing an image is a watermark even necessary? It is not! I will simply strive to a point where people recognize my work and know instantly where it came from.

   This decision will make my entire process easier, no longer will I have to create a second folder with  unmarked images, it will save hard drive space (As if I 20 TB of hard drive will ever be filled in the first place). Legitimate companies don't steal images in the first place, they take the necessary time to locate the photographer and credit them for their efforts. I've stood countless hours losing sleep in the same position waiting for a specific shot. If someone wants to write the necessary check that I deserve then I feel when the time is right they will do so!

   Does this make me an asshole and am better than everyone else? Absolutely not, I just feel that the handful of images most likely to be reproduced will undergo an image search bimonthly to maintain they are not being used elsewhere without my consent. In the end people will not be distracted by such an absurd and unique font and will be allowed to appreciate my images in their original form. I don't brand my video with a watermark during a wedding preview so for me to use something that distracts from my images is just wrong. 

    Most people wont notice but to me the end product will be something more divine and natural! 

Fall Leaves after Rain (Vivitar 70-200 F4.5)

I've got mail!

So the past week multiple packages have arrived with my name on them as I prepare for the winter season and the arrival of the new camera! Yesterday I received the adapter to use the Canon FD lenses on the Sony E-Mount. It was definitely like breathing new life into lenses that most people overlook these days as they do not offer auto focus and are considered by many as worthless. So instantly I threw on the 50mm F/1.8 and walked outside and was impressed not only by its silky bokeh but ability to render colors. 

I also had some time to test the Gary Fong diffuser when attached to my Sony HVLF42AM . My sister Corrina was in the kitchen cooking some delightful vegan snacks and I snapped a few to see how the diffuser worked.  To be honest I was very impressed, the light is more evenly distributed and harsh shadows are no longer an issue. The end result is time saved in post editing! 


Canon FD 50mm F/1.8 Test

Gary Fong diffuser test

I went on to try the Vivitar 70-200 Macro lens as well as the 100-300 Canon FD F/5.6 and was quite impressed with both. The 100-300 is like a damn sniper rifle that is longer then the body of the VG20 itself however it was a breeze to critical focus with the lens and sat nicely on the tripod as well. I look forward to the results these lenses will bring me as well as compliment the A7 upon its' arrival.  


4 months until a potential quarter life crisis!

What do Dr. Dre and I have in common? We both share the same birthday - February 18th. Is 25 surreal? No, age is nothing but a reminder of how far you have come from the starting point which is where we all originated. Sure the story of origination may vary (drunken one night stand, vasectomy gone wrong, love child with the mistress....who really knows) It all boils down to a few things that keep me personally balanced and in a good frame of mind which will in the end prevent a "quarter life crisis". 


  1. Photography and Video - I can't draw for shit, if you asked me to sketch you a design or image you'd be better off finding a sketch artist in a small town of 500 people than trying to make out whatever my right hand tries to render. If it wasn't for being able to capture what I envision on a daily basis I don't know where I would be. Probably not cooking meth with Walt and Jesse but you never know, I do know that the surreal mood created when I carry the camera I get so fucking high (metaphorically) that Cheech & Chong would be envious. Pure bliss would be an understatement for how I feel the minute I put in a fully charged battery to the moment I shut off the computer monitors.
  2. Family - If it wasn't for the absolute pandemonium that can always be expected from my family at any hour of the day, I feel I would be one bland individual. There was never a dull moment growing up, from being in first grade and having the most difficult time trying to write the name "Corrina" (Yes in first grade it seemed like the most obnoxious name and really long but now its a few swift hits on the keyboard) to having my brother give me stitches in a pillow fight (I can't make it up, he pushed me over the arm of one of the chairs in the living room and my cheek his the base of the fireplace. I cried like Nancy Kerrigan at the 1994 Olympics because it was at that very moment I knew Ashton Kutcher would get the Calvin Klein underwear contract and not me! In all honesty it was 5th grade.) It's these memories that have helped mold me into who I am today and keep me eager and excited for what is in store. 
  3.  Passion - Insert a bunch of heart felt bull shit about why I have it so perfect..... No I may not have it perfect but then again who really knows what perfect is? I make what I have perfect! I embrace everything, I've recently become responsible for my actions and decisions and I would have to say I'm pretty damn proud of myself for not having a mugshot posted on the local news website. I aim to please others, instant gratification is not what I'm looking for. If I gave a shit about the numbers I'd be begging for people to like the simple page I set up on Facebook about my work and craft. However this isn't the case, I do what I do because I love it and I know out of the 7 billion people on earth people are bound to share a sense of empathy and appreciation for my work no matter the genre, style, or medium in which it gets disseminated. 

I could write a diatribe about how every piece of this puzzle called my life is flawless but it would then end up getting distorted. So I remain humble and cherish every moment I guess the times where you can truly reflect are the ones where you absorb the most and really have the opportunity to appreciate the often overlooked.  


In other news the four Canon FD lenses arrived today, I'm off Sunday & Monday and have shoots lined up and might throw a few more on top just to stay occupied! So look forward to some images from the recently repaired VG20! I'll keep doing what I want and continue to work on improving myself both in my crafts and my personal life! 

Thanks for pretending to give a shit, if you're still reading this my mind is fucking blown! Not really, I'm slightly least to myself!  Have a good weekend and stay safe people! 

Good bye camera phone?

   Great news after being without my VG20 for an entire month it arrived back home today. I'm working in Omaha, Nebraska through Saturday but I am eager to get home and see that it was properly repaired and back up to specs as the work was done by an authorized Sony service. During the past month I managed to get by with just using my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 which has helped me cope during this hiatus of not having my camera or favorite lens. The moral of the story is do not attempt to make a repair on a lens that has more screws than you have fingers. 

 (Camera Jargon AHEAD)

   The Canon FD lenses I ordered shipped today as well! For those of you interested I picked up the following lenses for a little over $50 after taxes!

  1. 135mm F3.5 
  2. 50mm F1.8
  3. 100mm-300mm F5.6
  4. 70mm-210mm F4.5 Macro

I wanted to make sure I had a fast 50mm out the gate because with the A7 it will feel like I am holding air. The 135mm F3.5 although slower than I would prefer for low lit situations will allow me to get a few light stops in over the 100-300mm. Of course I had to pick up a 100mm-300mm for multiple reasons, it was 20 bucks, until now the longest range I have had was the long end of my SEL18200 which on the APS-C is the 300mm equivalent on the full frame sensor. So this will allow me to still feel like I did when shooting on the VG20 however, when necessary I can switch the A7 to APS-C and make the 300mm become 450mm which may be necessary to achieve certain images in mind as well as lend some creativity in the long run. 

  While the topic of gear is still present I purchased something today that was long overdue. A diffuser for my on camera flash. It will help immensely to avoid harsh lighting during the fast paced shots and dramatically decrease the amount of post editing required. I'm aware that it's 50 dollars and looks like a crunch up cup for a shake but after countless reviews and example images I'm confident with my purchase.

   The A7 (the new camera) should arrive on December 3rd as I expect no delays because I was so quick to reserve it. The only things that remain for me to pick up are one more external camera flash for even lighting during large family photos during the upcoming weddings and a few W series batteries for the A7. Things are finally coming together nicely and I look forward to sharing some stunning images and videos during the upcoming months!

    If I am excited about anything in particular it definitely has to be the individual who has the role of the best man for an upcoming wedding. The groom in one of my December weddings is having his 4 year old son take on the special role and I am beyond excited to have an adorable blond hair, blue eyed lady killer in what should become timeless photos! Is he preparing a speech or is he currently watching cartoons? I am not one to speculate but I can't wait to meet him!  Add the fact that the wedding will take place in a beautiful barn and did I mention boots? 


Accidental Damage Warranty? YOU BET!

   So this morning at 12:55 am my cell phone alarm went off and for once I did not push the snooze button. Because all that stood between me and the official unveiling of a camera that I had meticulously followed for the past five months were a mere five minutes. 

    I quickly opened up my laptop circa 2010 (Yes it could use an upgrade but I dont use it for much anymore) and logged into the live Sony stream on Youtube. The chat room was flooded with people just as eager as myself waiting with baited breath to learn more about the groundbreaking products Sony was about to unveil. 

   So much for being live, what was actually broadcast was a prerecorded and well assembled announcement. Two Sony employees from Australia spoke for a little under twenty minutes about the camera and it's features. They then remained in the chat room and answered the same five questions that were constantly repeated. If only people were punctual to such announcements they wouldn't continually ask what battery the damn camera utilizes.  

    To ensure I receive one of the first units I opened a new browser window and hit up because if there was anyone prepared for such an event I had my faith in Amazon. I had also previously done research on Accidental Damage Warranties in the event that a mishap would occur. When I purchased my Sony NEX-VG20 in December of 2011 I bought the Accidental Damage and Handling plan from Sony for a whopping $399. To my pleasure Amazon offered a plan for a fraction of the price and still promised the same coverage for a small piggy bank marking of $75. I quickly selected the A7 (24 megapixel body with the anti alias filter) and added it to my shopping cart along with the warranty. Entered my credit card number 6969-6969-6969-6969 clicked the expiration month and year XX/20XX and finally pushed confirm! My place in line with Amazon was finalized and without a doubt guaranteed myself to receive one of the cameras that is part of the first batch they were allotted.  

    At this point some of you may be wondering why in the hell would I just abandon my VG20 after I just had it sent away for a month to get repaired. False! I am in no way abandoning the camera, it will still remain my pride and joy as it helped propel me into the role of being a greater entrepreneur. It boils down to camera jargon and sensor specifications that a majority may not be familiar with. The VG20 carries an APS-C sized sensor which is cropped and has a 1.5x magnification. The A7 is a full frame sensor and with that it's also the worlds smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera so what better way to upgrade then take part in a brand new take on the realm of photography and video.  It will allow me to further display my capabilities in a more multifaceted manner. 

   To help accommodate the larger sensor I took a Delorean and visited the 1980s! Canon FD lenses used to be all too common in the market and with a majority of people switching to DSLRs and auto focus capable equipment these units have simply gathered dust. So for a little over $50 I was able to pick up 4 solid lenses in excellent condition! Yes my current E-mount lenses will work in a cropped mode on the A7 or in full frame with an image circle and heavy vignetting. 

    I apologize to the readers who are currently asking themselves what the fuck am I talking about but what it truly boils down to is higher quality images and video as well as the ability to operate two cameras for filming weddings that are equal in quality. 

  I was able to chat with both of my December brides and they are both as eager as I am! I promise some unique and breathtaking images to come from the two glorious days! The creativity is roaring and I look forward to sharing the end results with all of you as I slowly build the online portfolio to where I want it to be! ( I have so many folders to sift through from the past two years it will truly be a blast from the past)

   Finally the online store will soon be updated and no longer the template crap that the layout came with. I will list prices and options for prints as well as a variety of services. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you remain as excited for what is to come as I am! 




Amazon Order



So Betty my trusty NEX-VG20 will officially become a B-Cam for events and weddings this week. In a little over 5 hours Sony will officially unveil the camera I have been following for months. The A7 & A7r, the only difference between these two compact yet powerful cameras is the sensor. I dont need the 36 megapixel A7r which lacks the Anti Alias filter as it is more appropriate for photographers who are in controlled lighting and studio situations. The A7 will carry a high frame rate for still photography and still a new stunning 24 megapixel sensor. These are the first mirrorless full frame cameras from Sony and I am eager to be the proud owner of one. Improved video is also stated to be included with the cameras so it will definitely shine as it offers full frame video which will be stunning for both photography and videography.  I am eager to let the beast shine during my December weddings and a weekend trip to Chicago with the girlfriend. 


What do I do?

   Recently I've found myself having to tell more and more models and potential clients that I am unavailable. Until now very few people have been aware of what my actual occupation is. I would love to say that I travel the United States and photograph for high profile businesses and boutiques however those days remain in the distant future. So what do I do that requires me to travel some weeks in excess of 1,000 miles per week? 

    It started a year ago this week, I parked in a bank parking lot during the early morning hours on an extremely cold day and entered a vehicle driven by somebody who I had previously never met. It was the most sketched out thing I had ever done in my life but this individual was an employee for a company I knew nothing about yet was heavily intrigued by. So there I was with a complete stranger as I shadowed what it took to be a private investigator. Yes a P.I. not a police officer but someone who remains in the shadows and continuously utilizes the mask of anonymity to deliver the facts to the client. 

   So it's now a year later and the past 10 months have been absolutely amazing. I've had the opportunity to travel to a variety towns of under 200 people to large thriving cities that are filled with a working class that is beyond familiar with road rage and the last thing on their mind is where you are from as long as they get to where they are going.  

   I still live with my parents, at this point most of you will finally understand why that is reasonable. During the average month I am home maybe 7 days at most. So why pay or rent a place to call home when I would never be there? I'm currently picking away at my student loans and just enjoying this rare opportunity. One year ago after leaving radio I had no idea what I would do, but I was certain it wouldn't be radio. Managing two stations was truly eye opening and it was way more high strung than what I had encountered during my high school and college radio experiences.

   For the past ten months a majority of people were under the impression that I was an intern for various zoo keepers. When I checked into small towns on my Foursquare application several people started messaging me noting that there were no notable zoos within hundreds of miles.  When that fell through I led people to believe I was chasing my dreams as a comedian, to my surprise the announcement was well received and multiple people informed me that they looked forward to getting high and watching me on Comedy Central. Personally I feel I am hilarious without Marijuana but I can't be the decision maker for every individual. 

   So here I am finally doing something I love that is never the same, I wont delve into the specifics of my occupation but I am indeed a private investigator for a company that will go unnamed. I will continue to film and photograph at every opportunity, I've been slacking on video but I will turn over more amazing pieces as time allows. I am able to accommodate most requests if I am given enough notice to avoid conflicts with my employer. 

    So to answer your question no I have not fallen off the map, I've simply disappeared into working habitually so I can conquer student loans and continue building my arsenal of equipment to further embrace my side profession of photography and film. It became more than a hobby when I found myself bringing my personal equipment on trips and going out in the early morning and evening to capture the stories my eyes wanted to tell. 

   The past 50,000 miles have been life changing and I look forward to the next 50,000!

Where I have been