Wedding Deposit

Wedding Deposit


Secure your special day! The deposit is a retainer to hold your special day, once paid your day is secured and no other couple will be able to take your day away from you! You should receive a contract / FAQ within 72 hours if you haven’t already received one.

It’s a big day, and it deserves to be celebrated!



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It’s your big day!

It deserves to be celebrated!

Whether its with photos, videos or both!

Wedding Video FAQ

Please read through these questions and answers. If you have questions that are not

clear after reading the following items, please feel  free to call me.

Q. Is it possible to videotape everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception?

How long do you work with me on the day of our wedding?

A. No. It is impossible to be able to guarantee that everyone will be filmed. As a

general rule with my videos, I focus solely on the bride and groom. If you want to

make sure that a specific family member is filmed, you must contact me before the

wedding. I will stay until I get the footage I need to finish your video. Usually I

leave the reception 15 min. after the last formal activities. This is to ensure that I film

an open dance floor. If there is an event that will take place later in the evening,

please let me know ahead of time so that I can make arrangements in my schedule.

Q. How do you edit our video?

A. The way I shoot and edit the video is by using candid camera and editing techniques.

This means that your entire day will be condensed into an hour-long video. If you

have questions as to how this will look, please ask to view more of my sample videos.

Also please note I record the entire service.

Q. Can we buy the raw footage? How long do you keep a master copy of our video

on file?

A. Yes, we do sell the raw footage. The cost is $150. I keep raw footage on

file for three years after you have received your wedding video. I also keep a master

copy of your video on hand for four years after your wedding date. After that time

period, I cannot guarantee that I will have your video. I highly recommend to every

couple, that you download the files and store them in a fire safe: Sentry and Brinks make

these. This will ensure that you will have a copy of the video in a protected location.


Q. How long does it take to finish our video? Can we make changes to the final video?

A. I spend between 60-70 hours editing over a period of 60 days to finish your video.

As you saw in my sample videos, they are highly edited. I will notify you when the

finished video is completed. I allow changes to the final video only if mistakes were

made on Cfoot Productions part. Other changes to the final video can be made,

but there will be a charge per hour to do so. Changes to the final

video, which were not caused by Cfoot Productions, are billed at a rate of $85.00

per hour with a minimum of 3 hours charged. These charges are not meant to be a

deterrent, but changes to the final video that were not discussed with us ahead of time

still take a great deal of additional editing time and excess materials.

Q. How much is your retainer? When do I pay you the remaining balance?

A. The retainer is a non-refundable $500 dollars. The remaining balance must be paid two weeks prior to the date of ceremony. Failure to do so is a breach of contract and will void the contract, it is at our discretion whether services will be continue to be provided and in the event that they do occur there will be a  surcharge added before shipping the final product.